Out of the Woods

My pen & ink "Maidenhair Tree" of a Ginkgo biloba has been accepted into the New York Botanic Garden's Out of the Woods exhibition on trees in major botanic gardens or arboretums! The exhibit opens at the NYBG in on Nov. 17, 2017, and be up there until April 22, 2018. Then my piece will travel with the other 50+ works to other major botanic gardens in the USA: the Huntington, Kansas City, Tucson and Minneapolis. The picture will be gone for 2 years! This is the work that was previously chosen for the cover of the ASBA Journal of Botanic Artists in Winter 2016, representing the Small Works exhibition of 2015. 

Thank You and Good Luck to Derek Norman

Thank You to Derek Norman, who is leaving the Chicago area for adventures in Southern Living to be near family.  I miss him already. My introduction to botanical art came through Derek Norman, an outstanding artist and teacher at the Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG), beginning about two years ago. I took every class he offered, whether it was Winter Leaves in Repose or Composition. He planned a detailed curriculum for each course, adding his extensive knowledge of art history, his impeccable technique in many media and highly discerning 'eye.' Derek's criticisms are always spot on and his natural kindness and charming British accent make them easy to digest. It is not like I won't have the opportunity to see Derek, since he is president of the American Society of Botanical Artists, but it won't be regularly in the classroom. In the Photo Gallery of this site I lead with a photo of us on the day he spoke on Botanical Art, Then and Now, at the Garden Club of America "Show of Summer" flower show at the CBG this past June 2014.